Services & FAQ


Is a wash included?

Yes!  A wash, condition, and beads are included in all of our services.

Does my child have to come already blow dried?

No, we are a full-service salon that prides itself on using quality products on your princess so it is moisturized plus, we want to be the easy button for you!

What age do we start?

We recommend 2 years of age but we have serviced younger.  The key is will your little one stay ‘somewhat’ still for our stylist to braid.

Do you service tender head kids?

Yes, we do…every single day.  As long as they stay ‘somewhat’ still and the crying is manageable our stylist will make it happen.  If the princess will not let us do we kindly let you know and try our best to figure out a quick alternative style we can do.

How do I know what style to book online?

First, start with if we are braiding your princess’s natural hair or if we are adding hair.  If natural hair, 75% of the styles you see on our page fall under Princess Scalp Braids.  If you want to add hair but only 1-2 inches past their hair and still very natural that is the ‘hair added’ option.  If true extensions, like box braids, look under “Extensions” on our service list for the desired style.

Are boys/princes welcomed too?

Yes, they are, we do some princes.  They just have to be okay with all our pink. smile  We do have grey towels for them opposed to pink!

Do you do adults hair?

Yes, we do.  Our salons cater to girls 19 and under but some of our moms and aunties tell us they want to be pizzazz’ed too.

Do you take walk-ins?

Absolutely!  However, we recommend you make an appointment but we always welcome you stopping by one of our locations or calling the day of or before to check if we have availability.

Do you have a waitlist?

Yes, we do.  Try to book the desired day and time at the salon location you want.  If it is not available, you will get an option to add yourself to our waitlist.  Our booking system will automatically text you if we have an opening for the day(s) and time of day you listed available.  We also manually review the waitlist and call people in when we have openings.

If I do not want my princess to be highlighted on social media, how do I let you know?

The best way to ensure your child is not highlighted on our social media page is to ask your stylist to please not take a picture of your child at the end of the service.  If your child still wants the photo-op moment, we suggest that you allow the stylist to use your phone versus theirs.

What do I do if I don't know the name of the style I want or how to book online?

When you are not sure of the style you want it is best to call one of our locations to speak to someone live and they book appointment so we can make sure the proper time is alloted.

Do you all provide hair for extensions?

No, we do not provide hair for extensions, clients must bring.  We recommend the Xpression brand braiding hair, but no matter the brand be sure to get *pre-stretched* braiding hair.  Also, if you do not want the braids to be too long, be sure to get the kids length braiding hair.


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